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About Us

Lip-smacking food from our Kitchen to your home - cooked in authentic Indian flavour

Freshness with a twist is being added to North Indian cuisine by Our Cloud Kitchen. Yummy Bites, an experimental cloud kitchen based in Dubai, serves delicious Indian food with a global twist to keep things interesting. We are motivated to provide you high-quality cuisine prepared by our skilled chefs in a Haccp-certified kitchen safely and hygienically. We think that eating is a unique experience that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own space thanks to home delivery. To match the constantly evolving culinary preferences of customers, a North Indian cuisine menu was meticulously created.The adventure begins when the ingredients are combined, cooked, and then carefully arranged in our carefully picked boxes before being sealed closed in microwaveable boxes. A traditional yet unique delightful experience is created by delightful Bite, a modern Indian cuisine delivery restaurant. Having been a HACCP Central Kitchen for 15 years. The foods, recipes, and flavors have all been carefully chosen with love and devotion.

Our customers are our greatest treasure, and it is their positive eating experiences that make us happiest. Every day we develop and discover something new. Our main goal is to make sure that everything we provide is a genuine dining experience that will make you happy and satisfy your palate. If you haven't placed an order yet, do so now! Our Fire & Coal menu combines the finest of both worlds, and we guarantee you'll salivate over what some people refer to as the best dining experience! Every meal is selected and prepared with authenticity and cultural considerations in mind. Every precaution is being taken by our team to protect the wellbeing of both our customers and employees. When you know that the package looks as good as the food within it, ordering during family gatherings can now be done without concern. One DM | call will get you a delicious dinner, and we look forward to serving you!

Vision & Mission

To be the brand leader in our category.
To be the customer's first choice.
To engender customer loyalty.
To offer great food at the best value.
To provide outstanding customer service.

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